Young Child Box


The Young Child Imagine Box is for 2 1/2yrs – 5yrs about experimenting on a deeper level with gravity and force to see what actions cause what outcome.

The Key Concepts for this Imagine Box are; Predictable with moderate surprise and uncertainty, ideas and questions, pretend play, watching and imitating, practice story telling, sharing and taking turns, fun cooperative activities, fairness, justice, into into new social skills, others feelings and attitudes are understood, early maths concepts, creative events over a few days, humor and jokes, talk about play and develop reflective skills, gross and fine motor skills, purposeful problem solving, give reason for choice and argue logically, explore changing things hot/cold, wet/dry, soft/hard, explore movements of objects, spatial awareness.

The activity book that come with this box has instructions on how to set up a heuristic play environment and also activities that are based on the contents of the box and the ECE Curriculum. It is a mixture of heuristic play and some adult lead child discovery and explorations.

It arms you with the words and knowledge to foster your/the child’s natural instinct to explore and play.

“Prebuilt” boxes come with:

  • box filled with heuristic play items
  • booklet specific to this age
  • safety instructions


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