Toddler Box


The Toddler Imagine Box is for 1yr – 3yrs olds and is about experimenting with the different items to see what they are like and can do.

The Key Concepts for this Imagine Box are; independent with support, limited choice, resolve conflict – support for conflict and frustration, small group activities – solitary and parallel play, toddler lead and adult led, repetition and spontaneous activities, let them ask for help, active exploration with support.

The activity book that come with this box has instructions on how to set up a heuristic play environment and also activities that are based on the contents of the box and the ECE Curriculum. It is a mixture of heuristic play and some adult lead child discovery and explorations.

It arms you with the words and knowledge to foster your/the child’s natural instinct to explore and play.

“Prebuilt” boxes come with:

  • box filled with heuristic play items
  • booklet specific to age
  • safety instructions


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