Infant Box


The Infant Imagine Box is for 0yrs – 1 1/2yrs and is about exploring different items of texture and colour and having fun with the contents.

The key concepts for the infant box are; predictable, dependable, help, encouragement, individual, regular time to play with the box, familiar activities and then gradually new activities and things, unhurried with a adult, variety in play spaces and surface – smooth, floor, grass, carpet, indoor and outdoor.

The activity book that come with this box has instructions on how to set up a heuristic play environment and also activities that are based on the contents of the box and the ECE Curriculum. It is a mixture of heuristic play and some adult lead child discovery and explorations.

It arms you with the words and knowledge to foster your/the child’s natural instinct to explore and play.

“Prebuilt” boxes come with:

  • box filled with heuristic play items
  • booklet specific to the age
  • safety instructions


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