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Heuristic Play

At home with the kids for the next 4 weeks? Use this Free activity book to help you out, with things that you already have at home.

This activity book is FREE for as long as the lockdown is in place.

Things that are not “toys” but kids love to play with, you have the power to choose what is culturally and age appropriate to your family.

Heuristic play is the core of a child’s curiosity to explore an object and to discover what it can do. In a world full of plastic and fast paced digital objects it’s important for your little one to be given the opportunity to discover natural objects in their own time and space, as it enhances their development. Play is how children best make sense of the world; it also gives children a chance to be in control in a world where they have little control over anything else.

Time is on your side at the moment, use it to slow down and enjoy being present with your children. Or if you need some time out use my ideas to set up the kids in a safe and engaging way and then make your self a cup of tea.

There is a lot of information on heuristic play on the Internet and a quick search will give you many ideas.


Many activities in this guide use common household items to encourage heuristic play.  You could create your own ‘Imagine Box’ with the items you collect for the activities.

If you need more ideas of things to do at home then head over to my Facebook page and look at all the pictures and videos of things I have done at home with my kids.



Te Whariki – Early Childhood Curriculum

This is the guiding document produced by the Ministry of Education for all Early Childhood Education Centers in New Zealand. Imagine Box bases all of its learning concepts on this document.

While Imagine Box does primarily promote heuristic play, it is possible to achieve planned and directed outcomes with imagine box resources as well.

This booklet has ideas for free play and activities linked to the ECC curriculum.

These activities are aimed at 0-5yrs but I have seen older children fully engaged in playing with a box full of rubber bands, a bag of acorns or one of my kids (4yrs, 6yrs) items they love are my poker chips. These things become interesting when they are only pulled out sometimes, then put it away once they are done.

Have a think what have you got already at home that the kids dont normally play with, but would be safe and fun for them to explore?

Infant 0 – 18months

Toddler 1 – 3 Years

Young Child 2.5 – 5 Years


Information sourced from “Te Whariki” New Zealand’s’ Early Childhood Curriculum.

For more information see their website.

Te Whariki Strands

Wellbeing – Mana Atua

The health and well-being of the child are protected

and nurtured.

Belonging – Mana Whenua

Children and their families feel a sense of


Contribution – Mana Tangata

Opportunities for learning are equitable, and each

child’s contribution is valued.

Community – Mana Reo

The languages and symbols of their own and other

cultures are promoted and protected.

Exploration – Mana Aotùroa

The child learns through active exploration of the







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