Make your own Giant Bubble Mix

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If you would like a wand custom made for $15 + postage please email me at and if its popular Ill add them to my shop. I could also have a package deal where I supply all the basic ingredients so its easy to buy it all from one place (pre made wand, fairy dishwash liquid, corn starch and a plastic container) please email me if this sounds good to you.

Recipe adapted from Green Grubs Garden Club so All credit to them, they have heaps of amazing resources to get your kids into the outdoors and if you would like to DIY your own wand then head of over to learn how here


How to make giant bubble mix at home with only 3 ingredients!

You need:

1 large plastic container with a lid, needs to hold at least 4L

1 spoon or clean stick to stir

1 measuring cup

1 bottle of Fairy Dishwashing liquid 1 Bottle glucose syrup

2 C Boiling water

10 C Cold water


  1. Add 1/2 Cup of glucose to the container and mix in the boiling water, until its dissolved.
  2. Add 2 Cups of dishwashing liquid and stir carefully to avoid froth or bubbles.
  3. Slowly add the rest of your water stir carefully.
  4. Put the lid on and store for 1 – 2 weeks for awesome bubbles.


Blowing the bubbles;

  1. Place your container full of mix onto a chair or table outside, if you have small people then standing up high with your mix out of reach can be helpful.
  2. Check the ground is free of objects where the bubbles will blow so people dont trip up while chasing bubbles.
  3. Figure out what way the wind is blowing and stand with your back to the wind, a light wind is good but if its to strong then your bubbles wont work as well or not at all. If this is the case try hide behind a hedge, house or garage or wait for it to be calmer!
  4. Get your wand and make sure the string is not twisted, place it into the mix and let it soak in for a bit.
  5. When your ready pull the wand out of the mix with the ends together and let it drip for a bit.
  6. Making sure the string is not twisted and the washer is sitting at the bottom and slowly open up the ends of the wand and string.
  7. Let the wind blow from behind you and into the wand or you can move the wand gently  or blow into it.
  8. To close off the bubble gently put the end of the wand together and open up to create more and re dip when you need more.

Most of all have FUN!



  1. You can use other dishwashing liquid but this is the best that greengrubs found after much experimenting.
  2. You can use it the day after you make it but it gets better the longer you use it.
  3. Keep it free of grass and dirt to ensure it works better.
  4. When using the mix place your wand into and out off the mix slowly to avoid fluff, if it gets fluffy just scrape it off the top.
  5. If your making your own wand the longer the loop of string the bigger your bubbles will be, you will also need to make your wand longer so its in proportion.
  6. Temperature and humidity will effect your bubbles, I find when the temperature is warmer it works better.
  7. You can buy Fairy dishwashing liquid at;
    1. Amazon
    2. Moor Wilsons
    3. Fishpond

Any questions you can find me on facebook