Biking Karangahake gorge with the kids and hubby

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Getting outdoors on trips with your kids is good for the soul. The outdoors gives kids the freedom to explore, and going on an adventure is always exciting for the kids. I love the spontaneous teachable moments that happen when in the outdoors with my kids, they are super engaged and cant get enough.

Biking K – Gorge with my husband Cam, Quin 3 1/2yrs and Stellar 1yr.

I highly recommend this as a bike day trip, we started our trip at the start of Karangahake Gorge and biked to the Waikino Cafe for lunch.

The weather was beautiful and both kids loved it. We had two chariots and a seat that attaches near the handle bars (the best seat for Mountain Biking). So that we had enough room for the kids stuff, and we could move them both around to keep them happy (most of the time anyway!).

The car park at the start was pretty safe for us to get all geared up and ready to go. The only thing we forgot was the insect repellent and this was only a problem as we got ready to go.

There is a bridge over state highway 2 that was a fun way to start and even a film crew filming something.

The kids loved the big tunnel as did I as it was so nice and cool out of the sun. It was also exciting biking when you cant quite see all the bumps, even though you know your safe!

There is also the old gold mining sites to explore, the kids had fun and I was amazed at how big the buildings must have been. A great place to stop for a break before the short ride to the cafe. The pub was closed on a Monday so the cafe it was. We stopped at the bridge to let 100 primary school kids past, glad we were at the start of the bridge and not in the middle.

Then a fun little tunnel with a good little echo to end the morning trip.

The cafe staff we very friendly and the food was great and they even had a high chair.  My son loved watching the train chug off in the direction of Waihi while my daughter pointed at everything she could see trying to tell me something interesting.

The ride home had a few challenges as the kids were getting a bit tired, after a bit of a protest my daughter went to sleep and it was a peaceful ride home. Until we passed the 100 school kids in the big tunnel!

Back at the truck we packed up and then headed for home.

Everyone we met was friendly and I almost felt like we were one of the sights as we were the only people with bikes and kids!

Getting out on adventures with kids can be a mission but it is so worth it once your there and this outrides the tired grumpy kids at the end of the day.

I know in years to come the bits that will stick will be the fun bits in the middle. Some of my favourite photos are of the many amazing outdoor trips I have been lucky to do, maybe my next blog will be about one of these trips.

Happy adventuring.