About Imagine Box

At Imagine Box we believe that kids need opportunities to create their own play with toys that are not plastic and have pre-determined outcomes.

These boxes are designed to enrich a child’s development and help to create positive growth. Included in the box are instructions to use the box for heuristic play as well as some specific activities that are based on ‘Te Whariki’ New Zealands early childhood curriculum. The activities are designed for children aged 0 – 5yrs but the magic is that any age can enjoy the contents as its so open ended.

The boxes come ready to be used and retail at $90 per box.

There are over 18 different types of objects and over 45 objects all up. The objects are a mixture of natural and man-made items. It includes objects with different textures, weights, sizes, malleability, sounds, and colours to provide diverse opportunities for a child.

As much as possible we support local and NZ made, please get in touch if you have something I maybe interested in.

The boxes are hand crafted and made in NZ at The Valley Craftsman http://www.valleycraftsman.co.nz/

The We are working towards the boxes being environmentally friendly and NZ made. If you can support us in this then please get in touch.

In the future we will make a variety of other themed and priced boxes. We would love to hear what you think.

About Us

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Thank you for visiting our website!
My name is Roz, and together with my husband Cam, we launched Imagine Box in 2015.

Cam and I met while studying Outdoor Education in 2005, got married in 2011, and we have a son Quin who was born in August 2013 and a daughter Stellar who was born in February 2016 .

Our careers in the outdoors and as educators have led us to strongly believe in the learning and positive growth that comes from spending time in the outdoors and creative play for children. We also love the environment and the natural amazing playground we have in NZ.

The seed of Imagine Box started while doing a parenting course on activities for babies. A heuristic play mat was set out and talked about, the idea really resonated with me and what I believe kids should be playing with and the philosophy behind it.

I made up 8 boxes as presents for my family and friends, and loved being creative with what to fill them with. My son was a important part of this process trying out objects for me for safety and interest. My family and friends loved the boxes, and I started to make additional boxes as presents.

The activity book idea came from working in schools and outdoor centers around NZ and overseas. We believe that as well as free play, guided learning can be very powerful and fun. As a parent having some ideas of how to use the Early Childhood Curriculum and learning about Heuristic Play was helpful to me.

I love the bush, beach & rivers, well really all of NZ’s outdoors (rock climbing, mountain biking, white water kayaking and skiing).

I am excited about the future of Imagine Box, and the idea that this business has room to grow and diversify.